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Friday, November 14, 2008

My questions for Red Solo Cup are answered!

Those Red Solo Cup guys finally got around to answering MY questions!! Here they are, Warhawk fans. SQUAWK EM HAWK EM !!!

1. Do you think that Ole Miss is looking past ULM to LSU? If so, does this worry you?

I think it's hard not to overlook a team who is 3-7 in the Sun-Belt. I don't really mean that as a slight against you, it's just a fact. I think the game will be less competitive than our Samford game with our running game clicking on all cylinders now. Sorry. I just don't see it being close.Jevan Snead will probably only play for the first 3.5 quarters or so. I look forward to seeing Billy Tapp in there.

2. How do you think Ole Miss plans on containing Kinsmon "The Lank" Lancaster?

I'm not sure whether we'll really need to STOP him as much as we'll need to stop him on third downs. I'm sure that Lancaster will pass for 250-300 yards. I don't think he'll run for more than 25 net yards, and I don't think that will be enough to come anywhere near winning the game. Kodi Burns passed for 327 yards against Ole Miss. Auburn scored seven points. Lancaster can get yardage all day just not on the plays where we really buckle down.

3. Both Ole Miss and ULM have lost some pretty close games. Does this lead you to believe that we're pretty evenly matched for this upcoming Saturday?

No. You have played two worthwhile teams. You lost to both. We beat both. It's funny that you would even ask this question. ULM sucks, and Ole Miss is going bowling in the SEC. We have a shot at the cotton bowl.

4. You asked me if ULM should be in a different conference, so I'll ask you something similar. Since Ole Miss has been playing like PISS over the last few years, shouldn't they be bumped down to CUSA?

In short, no. I can't even believe I'm answering this question. Ole Miss might go undefeated in the C-USA. I mean, I guess that would be good. Maybe we could be BCS busters, but I'm fine being marginal in the SEC. That's significantly better than being second in the C-USA.

5. Ask Nick Saban how he feels about the Warhawks!

That's not technically a question. Anyway, I'm sure he cries at night about the Warhawks. Then he reads USA Today's poll that puts the team he's coaching as the number one team in the country. How did that win over Bama help you out? 3 wins?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

SquawkEm HawkEm answers the Red Solo Cup's Questions

The Red Solo Cup is an Ole Miss blog made up of a few of those Ole Miss Rebels who aren't obnoxious or horrible! Haha ok just kidding but really it's a neat blog. I've been doing some research over there for our upcoming matchup with the Rebels and I must say that they're might confident of a victory this Saturday! Hopefully our Hawks can turn their hopes into motivation and bring another SEC team to it's knees! The Juco All-American, a blogger at Red Solo Cup sent me some ULM related questions to answer and I sent him some Ole Miss questions. If he ever gets around to it you can see my questions at but until then enjoy the questions he wrote me and my answers here on SquawkEm HawkEm!!

1. Talk a little bit about the impact that Kim Dameron and Ron Dickerson had on the program last year. Are you happy or sad to see them go?

I really don't waste a lot of time paying attention to assistant coaches. I'm sure you're glad to have them in Oxford where, at the very least, they're not horrible like your last group of morons! Looking on your website I can see that they're coaches for your defensive backs. Well, being as how your secondary is one of the worst in the $EC you can have those two coaches!

2. Do you feel like the win against Alabama helped your program significantly in terms of helping to build you into a team to be taken seriously within your conference?

It let the world know that Sun Belt football is just as good as anybody else's football. Yeah, the other conferences might have the money and fans but we're every bit as big, athletic, and tough as you.

3. Who's the best player on your team?

Kinsmon "The Lank" Lancaster is a real deal dual threat quarterback. He's got a total of 21 touchdowns on the season compared to your overhyped QB's 14. Ole Miss' poor secondary is going to get shredded to bits by Lancaster's pinpoint accuracy.

4. Do you think ULM should move to a different conference? If so, which one?

Once we can get the cash to run with the big boys, all we'll need is a good season or two to get serious looks by the SEC. I think it would be to everyone's benefit to have two Louisiana schools in the mix!

5. What is your prediction for Saturday's game?

ULM - 30
Ole Miss - 21
It's on Webbuhs!

Who would you rather have at quarterback?


Well let's look at their numbers. Kinsmon "The Lank" Lancaster has 1,854 yards passing with 16 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions. He also has 550 yards on the ground with 3 touchdowns. Jevan "way overrated" Snead has 1813 yards passing with 13 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. He also has only mustered up a puny 50 yards rushing with 1 touchdown, and he was supposed to be some kind of dual threat coming out of high school! LMAO!
To me, it's a no brainer. The Lank all the way, SQUAWK!

Why I hate Ole PISS!

I’m super duper pumped about the upcoming Ole Miss game, and here’s why!

I grew up an LSU fan. I can remember back in the 1990’s when the Tigers weren’t all that good and Ole Miss was in it’s typical mediocre state. They would send all 10 of their fans down to Baton Rouge and they were just the rudest, snobbiest people EVER!!! They loved rubbin’ your face in it when you lost and they would just be so stuck up to everyone around them. If you’ld ever visit Oxford (or OxFART!) you’ll see what I’m talking about. I mean it’s just another poor little town in the rural South and they act like it’s some sort of luxury resort or something with their stupid stores and they all drive around in BMW’s like we’re in Europe or something. What a joke. It’s just a bunch of spoiled trust fund babies who are going to grow up and join their daddy’s law firm some day but in the mean time they’re going to do a lot of drugs and get STDs from their girls.

And another thing, they all talk about how hot their girls are but they’re not that hot! Monroe, LA has some great looking girls that I wouldn’t trade for those Ole Miss hags in a heartbeat!!!

All they do is sit around all day in their frat houses and drink shitty beer while listening to Dave Matthews before playing golf with all of their frat buddies. It’s stupid and it’s not a real college experience.

Also, my biggest problem with Ole PISS is how racist they are! I mean they wave confederate flags and play Dixie at their games and they jump around all like a bunch of hicks whenever that damn song is played by the band. I’m surprised they actually show up to cheer on a team which is made up of all kinds of people who aren’t WASPy rich kids because they’re all intolerant bigots!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This ULM squad sure has been tough to watch over the last few weeks! The close losses to Troy and Middle Tennessee demonstrate both our Warhawks potential and our shortcomings.

I thought we’d pull out the victory against those jerks from MTSU, even after they gained the early lead. Kinsmon Lancaster once again proved to us why he’s “Mr. Offense for the Warhawks” by gaining 328 yard of total offense. He had that costly interception but his two touchdowns were fan-freaking-tastic! It’s guys like him that are going to soon bring the Warhawks to the forefront of SunBelt football (America’s most underrated conference!!) and keep us competitive against ALL opponents.

Our offense is competitive but just needs to stop making boneheaded mistakes! Lancaster’s interception was no good for momentum and neither was that dadgummed fumble!

As far as defense is concerned, we are pretty good at not giving up the big plays, but teams like Middle Tennessee can just nickel and dime their way against us. We need better conditioned defenders, both physically and mentally!

Speaking of opponents, this week our beloved Warhawks are going up against the Ole Miss Rebels (who I’m going to call the Ole PISS Webbils from here on out, maybe). I’m really looking forward to this game! Being as how I grew up an LSU fan, I really can’t stand anything about Ole Miss. Their fans are lazy and fat, the Grove is muddy and stinky, their stadium is puny compared to Neyland or Death Valley, and their students are nothing more than a bunch of lawyer’s kids with really bad coke problems (and no, I’m not talking about the soft drink *wink*). They’re so stinking arrogant it makes me want to vomit!

Let’s get them Webbils just like we rolled the Tide last year!!!!