Friday, November 14, 2008

My questions for Red Solo Cup are answered!

Those Red Solo Cup guys finally got around to answering MY questions!! Here they are, Warhawk fans. SQUAWK EM HAWK EM !!!

1. Do you think that Ole Miss is looking past ULM to LSU? If so, does this worry you?

I think it's hard not to overlook a team who is 3-7 in the Sun-Belt. I don't really mean that as a slight against you, it's just a fact. I think the game will be less competitive than our Samford game with our running game clicking on all cylinders now. Sorry. I just don't see it being close.Jevan Snead will probably only play for the first 3.5 quarters or so. I look forward to seeing Billy Tapp in there.

2. How do you think Ole Miss plans on containing Kinsmon "The Lank" Lancaster?

I'm not sure whether we'll really need to STOP him as much as we'll need to stop him on third downs. I'm sure that Lancaster will pass for 250-300 yards. I don't think he'll run for more than 25 net yards, and I don't think that will be enough to come anywhere near winning the game. Kodi Burns passed for 327 yards against Ole Miss. Auburn scored seven points. Lancaster can get yardage all day just not on the plays where we really buckle down.

3. Both Ole Miss and ULM have lost some pretty close games. Does this lead you to believe that we're pretty evenly matched for this upcoming Saturday?

No. You have played two worthwhile teams. You lost to both. We beat both. It's funny that you would even ask this question. ULM sucks, and Ole Miss is going bowling in the SEC. We have a shot at the cotton bowl.

4. You asked me if ULM should be in a different conference, so I'll ask you something similar. Since Ole Miss has been playing like PISS over the last few years, shouldn't they be bumped down to CUSA?

In short, no. I can't even believe I'm answering this question. Ole Miss might go undefeated in the C-USA. I mean, I guess that would be good. Maybe we could be BCS busters, but I'm fine being marginal in the SEC. That's significantly better than being second in the C-USA.

5. Ask Nick Saban how he feels about the Warhawks!

That's not technically a question. Anyway, I'm sure he cries at night about the Warhawks. Then he reads USA Today's poll that puts the team he's coaching as the number one team in the country. How did that win over Bama help you out? 3 wins?


The Ghost of Jay Cutler said...

Surely you're joking.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting internet in rural northern louisiana...I thought this was suppose to be a blog, not a shit pile. Rebs by 28!!

By the way...when you get a chance I would like fries with my order.