Thursday, November 13, 2008

SquawkEm HawkEm answers the Red Solo Cup's Questions

The Red Solo Cup is an Ole Miss blog made up of a few of those Ole Miss Rebels who aren't obnoxious or horrible! Haha ok just kidding but really it's a neat blog. I've been doing some research over there for our upcoming matchup with the Rebels and I must say that they're might confident of a victory this Saturday! Hopefully our Hawks can turn their hopes into motivation and bring another SEC team to it's knees! The Juco All-American, a blogger at Red Solo Cup sent me some ULM related questions to answer and I sent him some Ole Miss questions. If he ever gets around to it you can see my questions at but until then enjoy the questions he wrote me and my answers here on SquawkEm HawkEm!!

1. Talk a little bit about the impact that Kim Dameron and Ron Dickerson had on the program last year. Are you happy or sad to see them go?

I really don't waste a lot of time paying attention to assistant coaches. I'm sure you're glad to have them in Oxford where, at the very least, they're not horrible like your last group of morons! Looking on your website I can see that they're coaches for your defensive backs. Well, being as how your secondary is one of the worst in the $EC you can have those two coaches!

2. Do you feel like the win against Alabama helped your program significantly in terms of helping to build you into a team to be taken seriously within your conference?

It let the world know that Sun Belt football is just as good as anybody else's football. Yeah, the other conferences might have the money and fans but we're every bit as big, athletic, and tough as you.

3. Who's the best player on your team?

Kinsmon "The Lank" Lancaster is a real deal dual threat quarterback. He's got a total of 21 touchdowns on the season compared to your overhyped QB's 14. Ole Miss' poor secondary is going to get shredded to bits by Lancaster's pinpoint accuracy.

4. Do you think ULM should move to a different conference? If so, which one?

Once we can get the cash to run with the big boys, all we'll need is a good season or two to get serious looks by the SEC. I think it would be to everyone's benefit to have two Louisiana schools in the mix!

5. What is your prediction for Saturday's game?

ULM - 30
Ole Miss - 21
It's on Webbuhs!

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westmonroehawkfan said...

I think that Ole Miss is better than you give them credit for. They beat Florida. I think they'll beat us by 9 or so.